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Our Bench.

Meet Our Team.

We’re a group of diversified dealmakers, storytellers, and problem solvers who have worked for decades in PR and corporation communications. We have a history of award-winning work that demonstrates our ability to create compelling messages and reach broad as well as niche audiences through earned media. Our work has helped us build our reputation as the partner who is genuinely committed to our clients’ success.

Elizabeth Knight


Elizabeth Knight is an interdisciplinary business strategist who works with regional, national, and international clients in wide ranging verticals including fintech, venture capitalism, nonprofit, earth and space travel, entertainment, and health. She focuses on the blurred lines between sectors and harnesses the power of relationships to offer unconventional strategies that go beyond traditional corporate communications.

Previously, Elizabeth worked with globally recognized PR agencies including New York City-based Rubenstein Communications and Hiltzik Strategies, where she developed a reputation for creative story pitching that achieved top tier media positions and exceptional reach. Her clients there ranged from foreign governments to A-list celebrities and international business leaders.

Mia Kurecki

Account Executive

After an early career in concert logistics and promotions, Mia Kurecki joined Knight Strategic Communications in 2022. Today, she leads key accounts for the company, proactively managing day-to-day communications, as well as developing strategic plans, conducting competitive research, and liaising with media and external partners.

Claire Uhar

Growth Strategy and Investor Engagement

Claire Uhar is the founder of Knight Strategic Communications’ partner, onyxopal – a Los Angeles-based consultancy that serves companies, creatives, and the content platforms that tell their stories. Claire has spent a decade in strategy and partnerships roles at companies spanning from media to technology. She works with leading companies to diversify their entities’ revenue and fundraising strategies.

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